Increase Rankings for Your Legal Site

If you are a lawyer with an online presence, whether you handle DUIs or divorce, you know your rankings can be essential to gaining clients. SEO is competitive, and there may be firms that come up before yours on searches. You know who your ideal clients are, and it’s your job to reach them quickly and easily. Here are some time-tested ways to use lawyer SEO to get your message in front of the right people faster and get ahead of the competition online.

Get Specific with Search Terms You Target

Chances are, people will not just be searching for a lawyer. They will be searching for a lawyer in their area. This may seem obvious to you now, but you would be amazed at how many marketers forget to target locations. This is essential for only finding people that will hire you. If you’re in Austin, and you’re coming up with searches in LA, you’re wasting money and effort targeting the wrong people. Even if you travel, you will benefit from targeting the area you spend the most time in. People are more likely to trust someone they have someone in common with and who they consider local.

Make sure you’re using all of the practice areas you offer as search terms. Devote content you create to those specific areas. The more information you can provide, the better your chances of ranking. Not to mention the fact that once potential clients come to your site, they will be more impressed if you have detailed knowledge about your practice areas instead of just a list of services you offer.

Use Your Client’s Language

Don’t get too technical. Remember that the average person is probably more likely to search “lawyer” and “murder” as opposed to “attorney” and “homicide”. You aren’t targeting other lawyers who speak the same way that you do. Instead, get inside the head of the person who is most likely to hire you and speak their language. In informational material, feel free to use jargon when necessary. But your homepage should be readily understood by anyone looking to hire you.

Be Consistent and Generous with Content

Of course, you’re busy. You have clients and paperwork to take care of. But one of the most influential SEO tools for lawyer website at your disposal is a blog, updated weekly or monthly. Many website builders, such as WordPress, already come with blog functionalities enabled. Blogging on your website allows you to:

  • Share information with potential clients that can help them make the decision to hire you
  • Educate potential clients now, so you have less to discuss later
  • Show your expertise, wisdom, and training
  • Consistently update your site with new content, which search engines love
  • Target specific search terms to increase your rankings
  • Add comment sections and forms so potential clients can reach out to you right away
  • Create more pages within your site, giving potential clients more ways to reach you

Use Links

Links to and from your site is the SEO version of networking. If you can get external sources and website to link to the content on your site, you’ll see the benefits almost immediately. “Search engine algorithms rely massively on the recommendation of reader endorsements, measured by links generated by authorized online experts. You can trade links with local attorneys who target different clients. Write for other sites or get your blog posts published elsewhere on the web. Launch a press release or add video testimonials to YouTube that you can then link back to the site. Share information on social media that links back to your site. All of these things show search engines our website is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent result to offer searchers.